conversations with gordon lish

Edited and introduced by me and Jason Lucarelli, Conversations with Gordon Lish is available now in the University of Mississippi Press’s excellent ‘Literary Conversations’ series. Blurb below:

Conversations with Gordon Lish collects all of Lish’s major interviews, covering the entire span of his extraordinary career. Ranging from 1965 to 2015, these interviews document Lish’s pivotal role in the Californian counterculture, the rise and decline of so-called literary “minimalism,” dramatic transformations in book and magazine publishing, and the ongoing growth of creative writing instruction. Over time, Lish (a self-described “dynamic conversationalist”) forges an evolving conversation not only with his interviewers, but with the central trends of twentieth-century literary history. This book will be essential reading not only for students and fans of contemporary fiction, but for writers too: included are several interviews in which Lish discusses his legendary writing classes.

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