books in the making

Kasia Boddy and I have edited a special issue of Critical Quarterly, titled ‘Books in the Making’, following on from a symposium we held at Cambridge University in 2016. The issue explores the social and institutional conditions that shape the production, distribution and consumption of literature today, with essays on poetry and creative writing programmes (Loren Glass), taste and editorial selection (Claire Squires), writing, computers and labour (Martin Eve), and the role of charisma in literary reception (Günter Leypoldt). There’s also a ‘collective interview’ with people from across the literary field—writing teachers, agents, publishers, arts administrators, reviewers, academics, translators, festival organizers, book designers, prize judges, memoirists and poets—including James English, Robert Macfarlane, Max Porter, Caryl Phillips, Lee Child, Antonia Hodgson, Lauren Elkin and Laura Miller (and many more!)

read the essays and interview in Critical Quarterly, October 2017